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Updates on my life

• still don’t have the internet at home
• but that problem should be solved on October 9th
• but I’m super busy with school so I don’t know how much I’ll be on tumblr even then?
• so I encourage y’all to ask for my FB or something if you want to stay in touch because I’m still using that (those of you I’ve talked to before though, I’m not adding complete strangers obviously)
• my inbox still works here too, I check it sometimes
• you know, as much as a tumblr inbox works
• anyway I also made friends here and they’re great and weird in the best way possible
• I’m also dating someone, I THINK, but I’m really not sure how actually interested he is nor where this is going
• school is really stressful already but eh I’ll make it through hopefully
• how are you guys?

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